The courtroom

The courtroom

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The courtroom by Mind Map: The courtroom

1. Judge

1.1. Official

1.1.1. Presides over the court

2. Jury

2.1. Group of 12 citizens

2.1.1. Decides whether or not the defendant is guilty

3. Other officials

3.1. The court clerk

3.1.1. Helps the judge (schedule...)

3.2. The court reporter

3.2.1. Records what is said in the courtroom

3.3. The court officer

3.3.1. Helps to keep people safe in the courtroom

4. Parties to the dispute

4.1. Defendant

4.1.1. The person who is accused

4.2. Applicant

4.2.1. The victim

4.2.2. The prosecutor's office

5. The public gallery

5.1. Reporters

5.2. Relatives of the victim

5.3. Anyone if the trial is public

6. Lawyers

6.1. Defence lawyer

6.1.1. Represents and assists the defendant

6.2. Prosecutor

6.2.1. Presents the evidence to show that an offence was committed

7. Witness

7.1. Called by the defence or the prosecution to give evidence