Chapter 1: The Nature of Power, Politics, and Government

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Chapter 1: The Nature of Power, Politics, and Government by Mind Map: Chapter 1: The Nature of Power, Politics, and Government

1. more and one can consume public good without harmful it.

2. 1.2: The Power to Rule

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. Power ability to impose one's will upon behavior of others

2.1.2. Authority could be come through traditions or authorize by the government, political scienties.

2.1.3. Legitimacy leader's power and authority are verified and accepted by citizens rises and falls depend on the citizens

2.1.4. Social Contract Theory agreements between humans in a society in which they give up some freedom for security.

2.2. Functions

2.2.1. Ability conferred on a person by law to determine the rights, duties, liabilities of himself or others.

2.3. 5 Types

2.3.1. Expertise power from the experts

2.3.2. Coercion threaten or punish

2.3.3. Formal authority power from the leaders

2.3.4. Persuasion power from influencers

2.3.5. Rewards power comes from the rewards

3. 1.3: The Foundations of Government

3.1. Purpose of Government

3.1.1. Maintaining public order

3.1.2. Protection protecting life and property no fear and danger of violent death

3.1.3. Providing public goods RULES: all have the right to use it as long as it's not private goods. Examples: community's school road strong armed forces firefighters and polices national park

3.2. Characteristic of Nation States

3.2.1. Territorial integrity boundaries recognition

3.2.2. Stable population people living permanently in a boundary

3.2.3. Code of laws citizens agree to live in a legal law

3.2.4. National sovereignty independent and self-governing

3.3. Definition

3.3.1. Government give out law and shape a country

3.3.2. Public Good free products from the government

3.3.3. Coercion the use of force

3.3.4. Polity form or process of government or constitution

3.3.5. Nation-state

3.4. Building Block of Government

3.4.1. Coercion government uses power to force, threaten citizens to maintain public order and goods.

3.4.2. Revenue collection submission from smaller states basically can be understand as getting from citizens from different ways such as tax.

4. 1.4: Politics and Political Activity

4.1. Definition

4.1.1. Politics through many harsh condition such as extensive debate, planning, report writing,...

4.1.2. Institutions rules are power that shape the behavior of one or many.

4.2. Common characteristic of political activity

4.2.1. involves Collective Action

4.2.2. shape by Institutions