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The UK by Mind Map: The UK

1. Schoolsystem

1.1. Made up of primary school (E-6) and secondary school(7-12)

1.2. Students take A-levels to go to university

1.3. Students start school at the early age of four

2. Country

2.1. Is made up of several countries, called England, Scotland,Wales, Northern Ireland

2.2. Is an Island and thus has lots of beaches

2.3. The native language is english, which gets spoken with lots of different akzents

3. Politics

3.1. Have a house of Parlament and a house of representatives

3.2. Has a constiutional monarchy

3.2.1. Has a Queen and a royal family

3.3. used to be part of the EU, but took part in the Brexit, to leave it in 2019

4. History

4.1. had colonies in Africa, India, and Australia

4.2. Sent britisch prisoners to Australia in the 1800's as the prisons in the UK were overfilled

4.3. Was a colonial power

5. Food

5.1. Scones

5.2. Tea

5.3. Englishbreakfast

5.4. Gravy