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Erika by Mind Map: Erika

1. Don't really like White people, because of her mom (p.27 l.50-51)

2. has a bad relationship with her Parents (p.27 l.44-46)

2.1. in a relationship with AJ

2.1.1. she is jealous

2.2. lives with her mom (p.27 l.44)

2.3. Her mom don't like her, because she have half black (p.27 l.46-50)

3. Singer

4. She has a temper and pride which can be destructive (p.15 l.53)

5. a little light skinned girl with long hair and blue eyes (p.5 l.14-15)

6. Von Enrique, Farzad, Patrick, Josef, Elias, Justin, Milad, Paul und Hamed