COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 Pandemic by Mind Map: COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Music

1.1. Compare the number of music albums released before and during the pandemic

1.2. Percentage drop of live performance revenue and total industry revenue

1.3. How has the music industry changed since COVID has come out? (Artists cancelling tours, postponing album release, etc.)

1.4. How does the amount of viewers to livestreamed concerts compare to the average amount of audience members of a face to face concert

1.5. Compare the usage of apps like Spotify and Apple Music before and after the pandeic started

1.6. Connections between math and music

2. History

2.1. Is Covid a strand of SARS?

2.2. Were Masks effective in the 1900 Spanish Flue Pandemic?

2.3. How did COVID-19 become as bad as it did?


2.4. How do pandemics happen?

2.5. How has COVID influenced historical moments so far? (ex: presidential election)

3. Mathematics

3.1. Statistic/Numbers on the rate COVID-19

3.1.1. Such as graphs (rate of change: did covid increase or decrease over the year)

3.2. What is the Survival rate of COVID? And possibility?

3.3. What is the percentage of deaths related to or caused by COVID in comparison to total deaths a year

3.4. How did different countries deal with the virus? What were the outcomes as far as infections, hospitalizations, deaths, economic outcomes?

3.5. Why does the USA have the most cases in the world and not China?

4. English Language Arts

4.1. What stories happened during the pandemic? How were people's lives changed?

4.2. Reading stories about pandemics or stories by people affected by the COVID pandemic.

4.3. Persuasive writing about use of masks (pros/cons)

4.4. Writing personal narratives about life during the pandemic

4.5. How was the pandemic integrated into the stories we produced during it?

4.6. How did it effect art?

5. How can the data of COVID 19 be possibly manipulated for different purposes?