The Value of Art Appreciation

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The Value of Art Appreciation by Mind Map: The Value of Art Appreciation

1. It is measured by how unique, irreplaceable, and sacred the work is *It is the effect of encountering a work of art that stimulates experience and emotions such as joy and amazement.

2. Intrinsic Value of Art

3. Definition

4. Definition

5. Immediate Intrinsic Benefits

6. Captivation - Upon encountering a work, one is struck by something unprecedented and extraordinary in it, and one is often amaze by the feat of creating artist.

7. Pleasure- it is the primary intinsic value of art experience, both creative and aesthetic.

8. Expansion of Individual Capacities a. Expanded Capacity for empathy b. Cognitive Growth

9. Contribution to the public Spheres. a. Creation of social bond - Connecting community member through community activity that involves arts b. Expression of Communal Meaning - Through art, people(artist) might sometime manage to convey what communities of people long to express.

10. Values that promotes social and economic goals, economic growth and academic performance.

11. Instrumental Value of Art

12. Benefits

13. Social *Social interaction, community identity *Social capital *Community capacity for collective action

14. Health *Mental and physical health among elderly (especially Alzheimer’s patients) *Reduced anxiety in face of surgery, childbirth

15. Attidunal and behavioral *Attitudes toward school (attendance rates) Self-discipline, self-efficacy *Pro-social behavior among at-risk youth

16. Cognitive *Academic performance *Basic skills, such as reading and math skills *Learning process

17. Economic *Employment, tax revenues, spending *Attraction of high-quality workforce