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2020 by Mind Map: 2020

1. What worked well...we want to take forward

1.1. Adapted quickly to remote work

1.2. Still existed!!!

1.3. United team to drive success

1.4. Flexibility personal life

1.5. No travel time

1.6. Cloud infrastructure

1.7. Webstreaming

1.8. Camaraderie in pressure

1.9. Focussed and come together

2. What didn't work so well...we want to leave behind or change

2.1. Work life balance boundaries blurred

2.2. Inability to see each other

2.2.1. Need to work out hydrid model

2.3. Guilt if no work in work hours

2.4. Do it all - now doing the ‘right’ way. Beyond crisis mode

2.5. Hard to check in with people in a real way

2.6. Blurring of boundaries - who does what

2.7. Some of the work

2.7.1. Need to focus/balance on what we do really well but enabled some innovation

2.8. No window for celebration

2.8.1. Friday sharing worked