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Monsters by Mind Map: Monsters

1. What monsters have in common:

1.1. -embodies threat to social life, chaos, etc

1.2. -observe NO limits

1.3. -"yes to forbidden"

1.4. - come from the dark or abnormal events

2. Cohen

3. Gilmore

4. Relationships between rituals, rites, and ritual violence.

5. Ritual and rites: Conceptional time out

5.1. gives door to monsters

5.2. frees humans of commo sense

6. Ritual violence: through imagination we gain monsters. Ritual violence give a place for monsters to terrorize.

7. "Monsters are never created out of nothing"= imagination gives place for monsters

8. 7 Theses

9. monster's body = cultural body

9.1. 1. A monster's body reflects the fears of the culture as a whole. It always has a deeper significance.

10. monster always escapes

10.1. 2. The monster is always released into the real world, or killed and more come back.

11. monsters are the harbinger of category crisis

11.1. 3. The monster can not easily be understood or categorized by humans.

12. monster dwells at gates of difference

12.1. 4. The monster emodies elements of the other, or the thing that scares them.

13. monster polices borders of the possible

13.1. 5. The monster lives between the two worlds, on a border humans can not cross.

14. Fear of the monster is really kind of desire

14.1. 6. The monster peaks human interest and draws an interest to learn more about the unknown entity.

15. monster stands at threshold of... becoming

15.1. 7. The monster is always bound to return and will ask humans to reavaluate what we know and add to our knowledge. We need them.