Request for Proposal

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Request for Proposal by Mind Map: Request for Proposal

1. Why Develop an RFP?

1.1. Best Method to Support and Justify an Automated System's Specifications

1.2. It Evaluates & Compares Systems to Choose the Best for You

1.3. May Be Used as a Binding Agreement Between Media Center & Vendor

2. Do's

2.1. Evaluate All Vendor/Consultant Responses

2.2. Form a Planning and Selection Committee

2.3. Prioritize Needs

2.4. Create a Table of Features as a Springboard

2.5. Become Familiar With Emerging Technologies/Impact to Automation

3. Don't...

3.1. Let Cost be a Major Factor

3.2. Focus on the Vendor/Consultant's Backround

3.3. Expect for the Cost to Reflect Suitability

3.4. Select a System Based on a Single Experience

3.5. Make Any Decisions Until You've Created Your Own RFP

3.6. Select a System that Doesn't Meet at Least 90% of Your Requirements/Needs

4. Format May Vary, but Must Contain:

4.1. Appropriate Verbs

4.2. Consistency of Organization

4.3. Good Writing

4.4. Specificity

5. Suggestions for Preparing RFP

5.1. Organize Sections

5.2. List Tasks Automated System Should Perform

5.3. Specify Importance With Strong Verbs i.e. "Must"

5.4. Include All Modules' Specifications

5.5. Ask Vendor to Rate Software's Ability to Meet Requirements/Specifications

5.6. Ask an Expert for Feedback Before Sending to Vendors