7 Habits of Successful Students

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7 Habits of Successful Students by Mind Map: 7 Habits of Successful Students

1. 6-Balance:Take a part in all your interests and the important things in your life.

2. 1- PASSION: passion can be a source of energy and motivation for academic work.

3. 2- SOCIAL SUPPORT: Successful students are involved with other people.

4. 7-Committed:commitment yourself to get succesful in diferent aspects.

5. 3- TALK TO PROFESSORS: Students who talk to professors in the first six weeks of classes are more likely to stay in university.

6. 5-Strategic & Resourceful: get prepared for the upcoming things, that may help you to deal with many problems at your university life.

7. 4- ORGANIZATION: experiment with a routine and find a system that works for you.