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Migration of Automated Systems by Mind Map: Migration of Automated
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Migration of Automated Systems


System Must Support Web Access/Internet

Cutting Edge Technology Support

Newer Modules are Supported

Need a System Other than DOS-based

Vendor Performance Needs Improvement

Flexibility & Expandability Are A Must

School Districts Are Moving To WANs

The Process

Database Cleanup

Have an Inventory for Your Collection

Weed Collection/Delete Bibliographic Records

Evaluate Codes & Circulation

Database Analysis

Analyze Bibliographic & Circulation Data

Analyze Additional Modules

Database Completion

Decide How to Catalog Items Not in System

Data Migration

Test for Accuracy In Records/Catalog


Create a Detailed Checklist of Every Functionality Currently Used

Expect Transitional Problems

Cross-Check RFP Specifications vs. Vendor's Migration Proposal

Don't Rely on Short-Term Solutions

Have Performance Audits on Site

Invest in Training

Succeed Factors

Level of Understanding of Database

Vendor's Experience

Staff Development

Planning & Preparation

Involvement of User

Effective Communication With Everyone Involved

RFP Specifications Are Met