Cutting the Cord

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Cutting the Cord by Mind Map: Cutting the Cord

1. Streaming Services

1.1. People like to binge watch their favorite series

1.2. Wide variety of choices available

1.2.1. YouTube TV

1.2.2. Disney+

1.2.3. Netflix

1.2.4. Sling

1.2.5. Peacock

1.2.6. Hulu

1.3. Share account with friends and family (give out user name and password)

2. Cost Savings

2.1. No mystery service or government fees (Just pay the price + tax)

2.2. Modem and cable box have monthly rental bills associated with them

2.3. Price increase regularly and often without any explanation

2.4. People have a limitation on their entertainment budgets

2.5. Negotiations for a lower rate with the cable company often go nowhere

3. Online Tutorials

3.1. Even people that might be uncomfortable with new technology can understand easily

4. Mobile Apps (TikTok)

4.1. Teens and young adults have preference for mobile devices (phones / tablets)

4.2. Short video compliment short attention spans

5. Easy to use streaming devices with remote controls

5.1. Quick Setup

5.2. Wide variety of choices available

5.2.1. Apple TV

5.2.2. Amazon Fire TV stick

5.2.3. Roku

5.2.4. Google Chromecast

5.3. One time flat fee to purchase device

6. Poor customer service

6.1. Unhelpful or unknowledgeable representatives

6.2. Frustration with service techs

6.2.1. Can't fix problem and have to come back

6.2.2. Don't show up on time or during allotted time window (people usually have to take the day off of work to meet them)

6.3. Outages

6.4. Automated phone menu/difficult to get to speak to a live person

6.5. Long wait times on phone

7. Cable television piracy

7.1. Jailbreak tutorials are available on online for any device

7.2. Information about VPN is widely available

8. New customers are given better pricing than existing customers

8.1. Bundles are offered as a savings options however people no longer need or want a landline

8.2. Showtime and HBO are sometimes given as limited time promotion but than fees charges if customers forgets to cancel

9. Limited choices of providers

9.1. Verizon FIOS is not widely available

9.2. Satellite doesn't work well in bad weather

9.3. Franchise agreement with a township or city eliminates or limits competition between providers