Imagination (Fifth step towards Rich Important than Knowledge

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Imagination (Fifth step towards Rich Important than Knowledge by Mind Map: Imagination (Fifth step towards Rich  Important than Knowledge

1. Inactive, Inert, idle, inoperative = Weaken

2. Why you will do this

2.1. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

3. Man can achieve any thing if he has power to imagine

3.1. Aeroplane

3.2. Hyperloop

3.3. Bullet trains

4. Creative

4.1. connection with infinite intelligence

4.2. feelings & inspirations

4.3. works -vibration of conscious mind at exceedingly faster rate

4.3.1. communication with others subconscious mind

4.4. Emotion of Strong desire

4.5. poets, scientists, business

5. synthetic

5.1. old concepts & ideas

5.2. experience

5.3. education & observation

5.4. Frequently used

6. Mind is muscle needs excercise

6.1. Reading

6.2. Writing

6.3. Music

6.4. Mind games -Chess/Skudo/scrambles

6.5. Painting /coloring

6.6. Meditation/Silence

6.7. Going to newplaces

7. Examples

7.1. Asa candler

7.1.1. Enchanted kettle-Coca-Cola

7.2. Dr.Frank Gunsaulus

7.2.1. What i do if i had a Million Doolor Armor Institute of technology (Illinous Institute)

7.2.2. Deepest desire- Learn by doing

7.3. Andrew carnigie

7.3.1. Steel Empire Master Mind alliance -50 people

7.4. Christ

7.4.1. Chrstianity

7.4.2. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you

8. Home work

8.1. Where there is a will there is way

8.2. Limitations are in own mind

8.2.1. Doing nothing and only thinking is waste

8.3. Feeling already achieved

8.4. Work & Honesty

8.5. Ideas can be sold where merchandise cannot

8.6. Nurture the ideas

9. Vocabulary

9.1. Nebulous

9.1.1. indefinite , Unclear, vague=

9.2. Ephermal

9.3. Quiescent

9.3.1. brief, Flash, momentary, short lived, Fugitive=

9.4. Ponder

9.4.1. Think about, consider, review, dwell on=

9.4.2. /y

9.5. Hunches

9.5.1. curve, hump,feeling,guess =

9.6. Dickering

9.6.1. Bargaining, Dealing, Negotiating=

9.7. enchanted

9.7.1. Charm, Delight, Captivate=

9.8. Weary

9.8.1. Tired, wornout, Fatigue=

9.9. glib

9.9.1. Smooth, ready, Quick =

9.10. gigler

9.10.1. Funning, joking ,comedy=

9.11. Whooist

10. Visualization-4elements Practice

10.1. Freequency

10.1.1. No of times you believe that you have achieved the particular GOAL

10.2. duration of the mental image

10.2.1. length of the time you hold the image (seconds to minutes)

10.3. vividness

10.3.1. how quickly you can see the image

10.4. Intensisty

10.4.1. Amount of emotion is attached to your image/Goal

10.5. Self transforming tool

11. How to visulise

11.1. What exactly you want

11.2. 11 million pieces of information every second

11.2.1. 40 of them are concious

11.3. Breathing is everything

11.3.1. 10 times to calm down your mind

11.4. Spine must be straight palms facing up

11.5. How to attract whatever you manifest

11.5.1. E-motion to Energy in motion Intensify the energy Ask why you require this Repeat why again How you are feeling with this What you will do this smell.touch,feel use senses Why/what/how questions more and more