Trade between the Native people & Europeans

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Trade between the Native people & Europeans by Mind Map: Trade between the Native people & Europeans

1. More than sixty percent of trader expenditures went to purchase cloth

2. Fishing

2.1. Was a valuable cargo and a resource

2.2. Ability to cure the fish by salting allowed it to last longer

2.2.1. Cod was one of the most sought after fish

2.3. Indians provided remedies for scurvy to the fishermen

2.4. 350 European ships were involved in the fishing trade

2.4.1. Thousands of Native Americans traveled to Tadoussac to get involved in trade with fishermen.

2.5. Europe was overfished drawing them to North America

3. Fur trade

3.1. Hats

3.1.1. Beaver hats became the social marker of the wealthy European beaver had gone extinct due to overhunting

3.2. Cloth

3.2.1. Cut and sewed and embellished the cloth they received in trade

3.2.2. Became an everyday display women's handiwork, secured the status of a household, and reflected the well-being of an entire village

3.2.3. 60% of trader expenditures

3.2.4. exchanging cloth by type, size, color, material, and place of manufacture

3.2.5. Viewed as a bridge between the cultural and language dfferences Indians controlled the landscape where the richest peltry was harvested

3.2.6. Indian women skillfully dyed the skirts, who used plants dyes

3.2.7. Indian men hunting skirts nightshirts that reached down to their knees

3.3. Overall, the fur trade enhanced the material quality of daily life in Indian villages

4. Crops

4.1. Indians shared their knowledge about crops that could be successfully harvested

4.2. Natives had a great surplus of crops but most specifically corn

4.3. The growing of corn and vegetables from the Indians halted the progress of disease

4.4. Pilgrims survived because of the abundance of Indian corn

5. Common Stereotypes Within Trade

5.1. Indians

5.1.1. Rarely participated in the emerging transatlantic economy

5.1.2. Considered being the Europeans victims

5.1.3. Reality Active participants in both fishing and fur trade Profited from trade

5.2. Europeans

5.2.1. Transported trade goods, disease ,and alcohol to Indian villages

5.2.2. Profited from trade