Plagiarism By: Michael Keser

Plagiarism- Assignment 5

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Plagiarism By: Michael Keser by Mind Map: Plagiarism By: Michael Keser

1. Definition

1.1. To steal and Pass off (ideas or words of another) as your own. Even using images without credit can be considered Plagiarism

1.2. To commit literacy left or use another persons idea without credit

2. Consequences

2.1. Grade reduction, academic failure, and even expulsion at college level

2.2. Your work can be DESTROYED!

3. Prevention

3.1. Cite! If its not your Idea or words, Cite!

3.2. Consider having a rough draft check before you submit your assignment. Use to check for Plagiarism

4. Responses to Plagiarism

4.1. On the level of severity, I will attend each issue differently. If it was a simple mistake, then I will ask the student to correct it

4.2. If the student completely discredits, or steals, they will fail. If this is the case, the students parents will be notified

5. Plagiarism--BrainPOP

6. Useful Links

6.1. Citation Guidlines:

6.2. Plagiarism Game:Plagiarism Game - Snowden Library | Lycoming College

7. Lesson Ideas

7.1. KWL Worksheet to introduce Ideas of plagiarism/ copyright

7.2. Teach correct citations and have students cite any news article they choose