Seven habits of successful students

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Seven habits of successful students by Mind Map: Seven habits of successful students

1. 1. Passion.

1.1. Discovering your passion can be a source of energy and motivation for academic work.

2. 2. Social Support.

2.1. Successful students use formal study groups.

3. 3. Talk to Professors

3.1. This will make your courses more interesting and will help you to know the requirements of the classes.

4. 4. Organization.

4.1. You need a method that keeps you on top of your homework and helps you prepare for projects and exams in advance

5. 5. Strategic & Resourceful

5.1. Successful students are in the habit of thinking about upcoming demands and taking advantage of available resources to prepare.

6. 7. Committed.

6.1. Successful students are committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed.

7. 6. Balance.

7.1. Sleep, exercise, eat well, and spend time with the people you care about and your other interests.