Levels Of Management

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Levels Of Management by Mind Map: Levels Of Management

1. Low Level

1.1. Meaning:-Foremen and Supervisor

1.2. Function:-Directs the workers and employees, develops morale in the workers and sent more time in directing and controlling

2. Middle Level

2.1. Meaning:- Consist of HOD, Branch Managers and Junior Executive

2.2. Function:- Design and implement effective group, Define and monitor group level performance

3. Top Level

3.1. Meaning:-Consist of Directors, President, Vice President, CEO

3.2. Function :-It determines the polices, Objectives and plan, Mobilizes resources, and sent more time in planning and organizing


4.1. 1.Multidemensional

4.2. 2.Continuos Process

4.3. 3.Group Activity

5. Introduction

6. Defination