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The American Boom - 1920's by Mind Map: The American Boom - 1920
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The American Boom - 1920's

After World War 1

Didn't damage Americas land

Increase in demand for American goods

Meant the American Economy started to boom


'The Cycle of Prosperity'

Jobs were easier to find

People were earning more money

They could afford consumer products - Radios etc


Increase in demand for consumer goods as people had more money

Created even more jobs

5 Causes of The Boom

1. Isolationism

Stayed out of Europes business and imposed high import tariffs to make even more profit

2. Technology

New advances in Technology, New industries - Electrical, Chemical and Film. Hollywood! Houses had electricity so they could have Radios etc

3. Mass Production

Car industry - Ford Model T. Henry Ford's production line. Created mass amount of cars quickly. New car made every 3 mins

4. Hire Purchase

Borrowing money and paying back later - gave people more spending money and increased demand for goods


Businesses made money for expansion by selling shares on stock exchange, shareholders made a profit too if the business did well