Mughal empire

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Mughal empire by Mind Map: Mughal empire

1. Mughals military campaigns

1.1. In 1526 babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi, at panipat and caputure Delhi and agra

2. Who were the mughals

2.1. Mughals were the descendants of two great lineages rulers

2.1.1. Mother's side Descendants of Genghis Khan

2.1.2. Father's side Successors of Timur

3. Family

3.1. Babur 1526-1560

3.1.1. Hamayun 1530-1540,1555-1556 Akbar 1556-1605 Jahangir 1605-1627

4. Mansabdars and Jagirdars

4.1. Mansabdars received their salaries as revenue assignment called jagirs

4.2. Mansabdar was garding system to decide the rank,salary and military responsibilites of government

5. Zabt and zamindars system

5.1. Zabt means to take control over the land of others.

5.2. Zamindars are those used to collect taxes from farmers

6. A closer look at Akbar policies

6.1. The military paymaster: bakhshi. The minister in charge of religious and charitable patronage: sadr. Military commanders: faujdars. The town police commander: kotwal.

7. Mughal tradition of Succession

7.1. Mughal did not believe in rule of primogeniture where the eldest son inherited his father estate

8. Mughal relation with other rulers

8.1. Many Indian rulers started accepting Mughal supremacy, and the Mughals campaigned and fought against rulers who did not obey them