Probability of simple events (M8GE-IVi-j-1)

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Probability of simple events (M8GE-IVi-j-1) by Mind Map: Probability of simple events (M8GE-IVi-j-1)

1. Allow the students to compare the 4 different types of angles.

2. Solve problems involving probability of simple events

2.1. Cognitivism

2.1.1. The teacher will conduct an activity before introducing the lesson. The teacher will let the students discover what will be the next topic/lesson through answering the questions. Quizziz Phet

2.1.2. The teacher will show the process of getting the probability of simple events through using of pictures and animations Powerpoint Presentation

2.1.3. The teacher will ask the students what will be their expectation/goal in solving problems involving probability of simple events. Mentimeter

2.2. Constructivism

2.2.1. Students will provide a real-world example about getting a probability of simple events and apply what they have learned through creating a presentation Google slide Canva

2.2.2. Let the students have a collaborative work for exploring more the topic like getting the probability of a simple events in real life situation. Jamboard