Traffic Congestion

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Traffic Congestion by Mind Map: Traffic Congestion

1. Reduce Traffic

1.1. Build tunnels

1.2. Ban cycling

1.3. Ban cars from city centres

1.4. Close through-routes to private vehicles

1.5. Increased Capacity & Frequency of public transport

2. Causes of Traffic

2.1. Inadequate Transport Infrastructure

2.2. Separation of Work & Residential areas

2.3. Movement from one part of the city to another to obtain or provide goods and services

3. Factors that contribute to the increase and decrease of traffic speed

3.1. Low capital investment

3.1.1. Optimise traffic-light management

3.1.2. Use CCTV to monitor road conditions

3.1.3. Enforce existing road traffic laws

3.1.4. Improve perceptions of buses

3.1.5. Extend residents’ parking zones

3.1.6. Charge for workplace parking Re-allocate car parking for cycle parking Provide financial assistance (e.g. loans) to buy train or bus season tickets Where there is no (nearly) suitable public bus service, run a works bus

3.2. Medium capital investment

3.2.1. Improve cycling infrastructure

3.2.2. Improve bus services

3.2.3. Develop and refine park-and-ride

3.2.4. Rationalise distribution and deliveries