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Literacy by Mind Map: Literacy

1. Librarian

1.1. Online cataloging

1.2. Books magazines ect

1.3. Books on CD

1.4. DVDs of books to check out

1.5. Books and magazines that can be loaned to a student's electronic book

2. Tech Coordinater

2.1. Gives training classes on new tech.

2.1.1. Teachers need to know how to use their resources so they can help teach the kids

2.1.2. Save money

2.1.3. Help use to maintain what we have

3. Computer lab teacher

3.1. Class Lessons

3.1.1. Basic Computer Skills

3.1.2. Internet Safety

3.1.3. create websites

3.1.4. Podcasts

3.1.5. create computer games

4. Administration

4.1. Online grade cards

4.2. Money for technology

4.2.1. Tech funds

4.2.2. Grants

4.2.3. Teacher input

4.3. USD website

5. Classroom Teacher

5.1. Center Based Groups

5.1.1. Video Report

5.1.2. Book Blogs

5.1.3. Voicethread

5.1.4. Wikis

5.1.5. Virtual Poster Advertising

5.2. classroom webpage

5.3. Video confrences with parents

5.4. Post daily homwork online