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Factoring for Algebra 2 by Mind Map: Factoring  for Algebra 2
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Factoring for Algebra 2

This is Factoring for Algebra 2 Mind Map on mindmeister

Two Terms: Difference of Squares

First Step is take out GCF (if there is one)

Know list of perfect squares

Substitution (novel use of z)

Three Terms: Factoring Trinomials

First Step is take out GCF (if there is one)

The First and Last Method of Guess and Check

The Box

The Necklace

The AC Method of factor trinomials by grouping (The Hook and the Split)

First Step: GCF (Great Common Factor)

Constant GCF, Variable GCF

Prime Factorization of Integers

Variables with Exponents

Four Terms: Factor By Grouping

First Step is take out GCF for all four terms (if there is one), then make two groups

Factor the two groups using GCF

Factor the two groups using GCF

If no GCF>1, use 1 or -1

Know when to use the negative of the GCF

If the factored forms of the groups share the common factor in parentheses, it worked!! The repeat pattern in parentheses is one of the factors, and the other factor is the sum of the coefficients