The Computer

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The Computer by Mind Map: The Computer

1. Input Devices

1.1. any computer peripheral used to enter data

1.1.1. The Keyboard Yes, it is a simple device that every computer comes with, but it allows the teacher and student alike to input information. Students learning another language can benefit from it with putting keyboard stickers onto each key, that way they not only learn how to write, and read in another language, but how to type as well. May or may not be friendly to a student if they do not know how to use it correctly.

1.1.2. The Tablet Not the iPad you think, but an actual tablet that is plugged into the computer through a USB Port. It will benefit a student who cannot do any sort of dissection in real life, here is a way for the student to not only proceed with the class assignment, but in such a way that is accurate, safely, and unfaintworthy. Challenges may be seen in the touch sensitivity, as well as the funding that may or may not occur for such a piece of hardware to be installed.

2. Output Devices

2.1. Pieces of hardware that move data/information from the computer to the outside world.

2.1.1. USB Drives Cheap, readily accessible in large quantities, ability to use is quite simple. Instead of printing out an assignment, a student can simply plug this in, and take all their work with them home. Saves on paper, and helps the student for later in life. Challenges may be seen in computer viruses. The possibility of one student introducing a virus from home or with malicious intent to the computer, and to the server, and network.

2.1.2. Webcams If one is learning about a new culture, they can easily hook this up into a classroom main computer, where students can interact with other students around the world, and learn. Challenges may include: language barrier, not enough funding, slow bandwidth, and not enough exchange classrooms willing to interact with foreign students.