The Innovative Power of Criticism

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The Innovative Power of Criticism by Mind Map: The Innovative Power of Criticism

1. New direction + Company = Brainstorming ideas for offers or business models

2. Come up with ideas, creates new improvement methods.

3. Two levels of innovation

3.1. Improvements

3.1.1. Novel solutions that better satisfy existing definitions of value

3.2. New directions

3.2.1. Arise from reinterpreting the problems worth addressing. They redefine what customers value.

4. Criticism is not negative, it is openness to new changes

4.1. Thanks to criticism innovation is created

5. Criticism stifles creativity

6. Ideas should be evaluated if they are valuable to enter the innovation phase.

7. Four steps to innovation

7.1. Individual Reflection

7.1.1. Allows people to delve into their own ideas and not dilute or withhold them

7.2. Sparring Partners

7.2.1. Each person subjects his or her vision to the criticism of a trusted peer and it acts like a sparring partner and working together to refine their visions

7.3. Radical Circles

7.3.1. Its propose is not to decide which hypotheses are right or not, judge why and how they are different and what important underlying insights might have been overlooked

7.4. Outsiders

7.4.1. The purpose is raise good questions, to challenge the innovative direction in order to help you strengthen it

8. Proper critiques helps to discover new problems and redefining value. Criticism is an engine of innovation.

9. Big changes in society and tech fundamentally challenge the conventional understanding of what is valuable