Seven Habits of successful students

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Seven Habits of successful students by Mind Map: Seven Habits of successful students

1. 1. Passion: The students i had found a major that was interesting and important to them. This passion can be a source of energy and motivation for academic work.

2. 2. Social Support: Successful students are involved with other people and they utilize formal study groups

3. 3. Talk to Professors: take the opportunity to start talking with your professors early in your first semester. It will make your courses more interesting

4. 4. Organization: you have to find a way to be organized because that keeps you on top of your assignments and helps you prepare in advance for projects and exams

5. 5. Strategic & Resourceful: Successful students have a habit of thinking about upcoming demands and taking advantage of available resources to prepare for them

6. 6. Balance:keep your energy up by maintaining all the important parts of your life (Get sleep, exercise, eat properly)

7. 7. Committed: Successful students make a commitment to do what it takes to be successful.