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1. Meeting Colleagues

1.1. Introducing yourself to the team

1.2. Reading a nursing schedule

1.3. Meeting patient and their visitor

1.4. Escorting a patient for tests

2. Nursing Assessment

2.1. Checking patient details

2.2. Describing symptoms

2.3. Assessing common childhood diseases

2.4. Taking a blood sample

3. The Patient Ward

3.1. Monitoring body temperature

3.2. The patient ward

3.3. Nursing duties

3.4. The qualities of a responsible nurse

4. Food and measurements

4.1. Hospital food and beverages

4.2. Measurements and qualities

4.3. Helping a patients order from a hospital menu

4.4. Assisting the patient at mealtimes

5. The body and movement

5.1. The body : limbs and joints

5.2. The body : torso and head

5.3. Setting goals and giving encouragement

5.4. Documenting ROM exercises

6. Medication

6.1. Medication routes and forms

6.2. Dosages and frequency

6.3. Side effects; assisting patient with medication

6.4. Communicating with relatives by phone

7. The hospital team

7.1. Moving and handling patients

7.2. Coomunicating with team members by phone

7.3. Ordering supplies

7.4. Giving simple safety instructions

8. Recovery and assessing the elderly

8.1. Caring for a patient in the recovery room

8.2. Removing sutures

8.3. Talking about old age

8.4. Assessing an elderly care home resident

9. Diagnostic Patients

9.1. Symptoms

9.2. Analysis data

9.3. Data mayor dan Minor