Reasons for auditioning

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Reasons for auditioning by Mind Map: Reasons for auditioning

1. Choosing the right person for the job

1.1. Chosing the person whos most ambitious, most capable and most reliable is whats best for the interviewer.

2. Making sure someone is qualified enough

2.1. The audition is there to make sure the candidate is qualified and knowledgable.

3. Opportunity for carreer

3.1. Auditioning provides ample opportunity to progress in your field and gives a chance at a career or education that you want.

4. Experience

4.1. No matter what happens to gain valuable experience and will be better off.

5. Making connections

5.1. Even if things dont go your way there is a possibility to make connections with people in the industry.

6. Empowerment

6.1. No matter what happens youll be more confident and feel more powerful afterwards