Criminal theory

David's mind map

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Criminal theory by Mind Map: Criminal theory

1. Rational Actor Model - criminals act on a rational calculation based on risk and reward with free will

1.1. Rational Choice theory

1.2. Contemporary RCT - not all people are able to make rational decisions e.g. the young and mentally impaired

2. Victimised Actor Model - Criminals are predestined to offend

3. Routine Activity theory - people are concentrated in the same times at the same place give rise to criminal opportunities

4. Deterrence theory - people won't offend if punishment is guaranteed

4.1. Contemporary deterrence - deterrence must be swift, general deterrence for society and specific deterrence to show the criminal that he/she will not benefit

5. Predestined Actor Model - - the circumstances that a person finds themselves in make them predestined to offend

5.1. Biological factors

5.2. Socialogical factors

5.3. Psychological factors

6. Behavioural Learning theories - behaviour can be learnt by reward and punishment.

6.1. Cognitive learning theories

7. Social Disorganisation theory - fast developing technological societies change faster than society can respond and leave inequality in society in its wake

8. Deviant Subculture theory - groups come together based on their social situation and their culture reflect to what degree criminality is embedded in each group

9. Social Control theories - - most people conform, most criminality derives from lack of personal controls derived from families, school etc

9.1. elements of social control - Attachment,Commitment, Involvement and Beliefs

10. Labelling theory - labels stigmatise people and make them the focus of society. This reinforces the behaviour under scrutiny. This leads to a spiral of reinforcement on both sides