Computer Networks

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Computer Networks by Mind Map: Computer Networks

1. Telephone

2. Full-duplex

2.1. Both direction

3. Introduction

3.1. Transmission modes

3.1.1. Serial One bit at a time Typically used for long distance Cheap too

3.1.2. Parallel More than one bit simulaneously Costly and complex

3.1.3. Unreliable for data communication

3.1.4. Simplex Open loop Unidirectional TV broadcast

3.1.5. Half-duplex One direction at a time Bidirectional

3.2. Speed

3.2.1. Baud

3.2.2. BPS

3.3. Synchronization

3.3.1. Asynchronous Not coordinated in time Use of start and stop bit Simpler and cheaper

3.3.2. Synchronous Coordinated in time No use of start and stop bit Costlier