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WL Gore by Mind Map: WL Gore

1. Business Strategy

1.1. Close to the customers

1.2. Sustain Innovation

2. Management Principles

2.1. Everyone is a leader

2.2. No Formal Heirarchy

2.3. Rewarded for contribution

2.4. Four Underpinning Management Principles

3. Building Trust

3.1. Working through teams

3.2. Induction programme focusing on listening and communicating

4. Developing People

4.1. Create sustainable innovation

4.2. Minimising rules for work

4.3. Rewarded for contribution to the company as a whole

5. Sharing Values

5.1. Sharing knowledge

5.2. Induction process

6. Making Innovation the Norm

6.1. Professional autonomy to follow through personal interests

6.2. Targets and objectives set by teams

6.3. Continuous improvement cycle

6.4. Exploit use of new technology

7. Maintaining the Culture

7.1. Sharing trust

7.2. Professional autonym to follow through personal ideas and interests

7.3. Business values underpin any venture for the benefit of the company