History of American music

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History of American music by Mind Map: History of American music

1. Cultural appropriation ?

1.1. The act of taking something for your own use, usually without permission

1.2. Elvis Presley was very influenced by blues, jazz and more specifically black music. It's a cultural appropriation

1.3. The act of taking something such as an idea, or style from a group or a culture that you are not a member of and using it yourself.

2. Black music evolution

2.1. -Robert Johnson with Blues

2.2. Louis Armstrong with Jazz

2.3. James Brown with funk

2.4. Michael Jackson with POP

3. Appropriation VS Appreciation

3.1. Appreciation is act of recognizing or understanding that something is valuable, important, or as described.

3.2. Appropriation is act of taking something for you own use, usually without permission.