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Areas by Mind Map: Areas

1. Linguistic area

1.1. Foreign languages

1.1.1. Dimensions Oral communication dimension C1 C2 C3 Reading comprehension dimension C4 C5 C6 Written expression dimension C7 C8 C9 Literary dimension C10 C11 Attitudinal & plurilingual dimension

1.1.2. Contents Key contents

1.1.3. Assessment criteria

1.1.4. Levels of attainment Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

1.2. Catalan/Spanish

2. Digital area

2.1. Dimensions

2.1.1. Devices and apllications dimension (DC1, DC2, DC3)

2.1.2. Information processing and e-learning environments dimension (DC4, DC5, DC6)

2.1.3. Interpersonal communication and collaboration dimension (DC7, DC8)

2.1.4. Citizenship, habits, civic-mindedness and digital identity dimension (DC9, DC 10, DC11)

3. Personal social area

3.1. Dimensions

3.1.1. Self-knowledge dimension PSC1)

3.1.2. Learning to learn (PSC2, PSC3)

3.1.3. Participation (PSC4)

4. Others: Science, History, etc.