"How to tell an anecdote"

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"How to tell an anecdote" by Mind Map: "How to tell an anecdote"

1. Definition of "Anecdote"

1.1. A short story that you tell someone about something that happened to you or someone else, it can be, embarassing, hilarious, funny, scary, etc.

2. Tips/How to tell

2.1. - You can either start a conversation telling that something happened to you.

2.2. - When you start telling it try dont going very fast, maybe the other person gets confused and then the story is ruined.

2.3. - If you have to explain something, do it, because if don't it could look kinda false that it actually happened to you.

2.4. - You can't tell an anecdote to everyone, like, you have to take in count the person you're telling the anecdote to, because not all the people are going to react the same way. Try to be logic.