Personal Project 2021Guide

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Personal Project 2021Guide by Mind Map: Personal Project 2021Guide

1. Challenges to my way of thinking about the topics included in the sessions

1.1. Greater emphasis on process

1.2. ATL’s

1.3. Documenting evidence for each strand of the process

1.4. Making student learning visible

1.5. The meaning of impact

1.6. Relationship between evidence and reflection

1.7. Reporting

1.8. Defining the WHAT, HOW, WHO and WHEN

2. Connections or uses of the foundational components of international-mindedness and the learner profile

2.1. The emphasis on ATL’s for student reporting and evidence collection must be based on the foundational components

2.2. The role of the supervisor in reaffirming the importance of personal analysis and reflection both for evidence collection (process) and reporting (reflection) under the premises of the learner profile and international-mindness

3. Important to remember when given the opportunity to lead this workshop in the future

3.1. Sharing with participants the importance of the holistic nature of the exploration and development of a personal project. Every person involved in the process should understand that, through the Pp and its focus student’s personal interest and ownership, the learning process is potencialized.