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Environment Issue by Mind Map: Environment Issue

1. Solid Wastes Pollution

1.1. Citizens

1.1.1. Collective Action Participating in Environment Acts Running projects for the environment Tree Planting Following Rules and Regulations Cleaning their respective residences Proper disposal of wastes Creating alternatives Using eco-friendly products Guiding and Educating the younger generation Responsibility in the environment

1.2. City Government

1.2.1. creates laws to Solid Waste Management Proper process Sanitation Safety Precautions

1.2.2. Identifies and Distributes the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies implementing policies and laws collecting wastes transporting wastes recycling/reducing wastes Monitoring the disposal flow of wastes

1.2.3. funds and supports the environment projects landfills/ dumpsites Incinerators Waste Collectors Street Cleaning street cleaners Public trash bins Recycling centers Research for alternative ways

1.3. DENR

1.3.1. Conduct Research Alternative Solutions

1.3.2. Authorizes the proper sanitation landfills/dumpsites Commercial Establishments Institutions Industries

1.3.3. Enforcing the laws and policies warnings violations and penalties closures of establishments

1.3.4. Plans the Solid Waste Management

1.3.5. Promotes Public Awareness Commercial Establishments Institutions Indutries Households