Fluffy's Dog House

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Fluffy's Dog House by Mind Map: Fluffy's Dog House

1. Tasks

1.1. Designing

1.1.1. Meet with client to help draw up a plan and to draw sketch out of dog house layout

1.1.2. Choose colors for walls, shingles, door, etc

1.1.3. Figure out what materials we need

1.1.4. Make list of stores we need to shop at and what is needed.

1.1.5. Construction phase

1.1.6. Clean up phase: Collect all excess wood, tools, paint

2. Deliverables

2.1. Meet with client to show the finished dog

2.2. Set up dog water/food bowl area

2.3. Insert dog bed / toys inside

2.4. Receive payment for dog house

3. Materials

3.1. Roof Shingles

3.2. Box nails

3.3. Wood screws

3.4. Hardwood Plywood

3.5. Wood Siding

3.6. Studs

3.7. Writing Utensils

4. Tools

4.1. Power Drill

4.2. Claw Hammers

4.3. Tape Measure

4.4. Circular Saw

4.5. Carpenter Squares