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DDD by Mind Map: DDD
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An Entity is an object fundamentally defined not by its attributes, but by a thread of continuity and identity.

Has an identity

Contains value objects

May contain other entities

Value Object

A Value Object is an object that describes some characteristic or attribute but carries no concept of identity.

Has NO identity

Is only defined by it's attributes


A cluster of associated objects that are treated as a unit for the purpose of data changes. A set of consistency rules applies within the Aggregate's boundaries.

Is a cluster of associated entities

Has a set of consistency rules

Changes are done in a single transaction

Objects within the Aggregate can hold references to other Aggregate roots

Entities inside the boundary have local identity, unique only within the Aggregate.

Aggregate Root

External references are restricted to one member of the Aggregate, designated as the root.


A Service is a collection of functions with no encapsulated state.


An operation that computes and returns a result without observable side effects.

Is stateless

Is a collection of functions

Has no side effects

Ubiquitous Language

A language structured around the domain model and used by all team members to connect all the activities of the team with the software.

Expresses business concepts

Only language used to express a model

Bounded Context

The delimited applicability of a particular model. BOUNDING CONTEXTS gives team members a clear and shared understanding of what has to be consistent and what can develop independently.

Describes what's included in the model and what's not

The setting in which a word or a statement appears that determines its meaning

Encompasses the module

Logical frame in which the model evolves

Domain Event

An event in the domain that may lead to state change of a domain object. Also events that the domain experts want to track or be notified of.

Is immutable

May lead to state change of a domain object


Partitions a model