The Inspector

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The Inspector by Mind Map: The Inspector

1. relationships.

1.1. Eva Smith/Daisy

1.1.1. he is the voice for those like Eva

1.2. JB Preistly

1.2.1. he represents the beliefs of Jb priestly.

1.2.2. revolves around ideas of social responsibility and guilt.

1.3. Mrs Birling

1.3.1. he makes her feel angry

1.3.2. she resists the Inspector’s inquiries

1.4. Mr Birling

1.4.1. Mr. Birling is triumphant and relieved that the inspector is a fraud

1.4.2. he challenges the inspector

1.5. Eric

1.5.1. Eric with sheila represent you younger generation.

1.5.2. he is more impressionable.

1.5.3. Eric learns

1.6. Sheila

1.6.1. she is most upset by the news

1.6.2. she confesses despite knowing of a potential social scandal

1.7. Gerald

1.7.1. seems less affected by the Inspector's casting of blame

1.7.2. inspector admits that Gerald provided happiness for eva for a while.

1.7.3. we believe that he will change like the others but he does not and goes out of his way to prove him fake.

2. significance.