LGBTQ+ Issues

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LGBTQ+ Issues by Mind Map: LGBTQ+ Issues

1. Representation in media

1.1. Negative Representation

1.1.1. Why/how is negative representation harmful?

1.1.2. Tropes Bi Erasure Hypertextualization of wlw Relationships Queer Baiting "Bury your Gays" Queer Coded Villains

1.2. Positive Representation

1.2.1. What is positive representation and why is it important? How is positive defined? A representation that shows an accurate, relatable experience that does not cause harm or perpetuate negative stereotypes

1.2.2. What are examples of positive representation?

2. History

2.1. How has religion played a role in the experiences of LGBTQ+ people?

2.2. Existence of queer people in other cultures

2.3. Erasure of LGBTQ+ existence in history.

2.3.1. heteronormativity

2.4. Rights Movements

2.4.1. Stonewall

2.4.2. Pride

2.4.3. Laws Marriage

3. LGBTQ+ People

3.1. Activists

3.1.1. Barbra Gittings, Frank Kameny, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

3.2. Celeberties

3.2.1. Lil Nas X, Janelle Monae, Elliot Page, JoJo Siwa

3.2.2. Why is it important to have visible, LGBTQ+ Celeberties? "Queer adults have only just started seeing themselves represented by highly visible celebrities in the past few years, but teens and children -- Siwa's audience -- still don't have many out, queer, highly visible pop culture figures to look to," Gutowitz told CNN in an email

3.3. Writers

3.3.1. Why are queer authors important?

3.3.2. What is the impact of these Authors?

3.3.3. Audre Lorde, Walt Whitman, Alice Walker, Emily Dickinson