Medical Administration

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Medical Administration by Mind Map: Medical Administration

1. Right Reason: Determine if the patient has the condition the medication is used for.

2. Right Drug: Ensure you check the name of the medication at least 3 times with the MAR.

3. Right Patient: verify the identity using two identifiers: name and DOB and check the wristband

4. Right to Refuse: acknowledge the patient's decision to refuse, then provide information on doing so. Notify the provider about the refusal.

5. Right Education: Assess the patients knowledge regarding the medication. Provide education as necessary.

6. Right Dose, Route, and Preparation: Check that the correct dose is being administered, how the medication is administered, and determine if the med requires math to calculate the dose. Ensure the labeling is legible and understood.

7. Right Time: Check when the medication was given last; always document time!

8. Right Documentation: Complete the documentation according to facility policy, AFTER administering the medication.

9. Right assessment data: Collect appropriate assessment data related to the mechanism of action and/or therapeutic effect.

10. Right Response: monitor the patient to determine the efficiency of the drug.

11. Right response: Monitor the patient to determine the efficacy of the drug. Check labs and vitals, as ordered. Provided education and encourage the patient to speak up when feeling adverse effects.

12. Right Route: check the original orders to verify the route of administration