BreAna Loranger

This is my personal assets map to showcase what I bring to the table. Enjoy!

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BreAna Loranger by Mind Map: BreAna Loranger

1. Educator

1.1. Adaptive, individualized curriculum

1.1.1. Observation and interaction to determine ability

1.1.2. Creating individualized activities to meet unique needs

1.1.3. Flexible, imaginative, inventive

1.2. Culturally competent

1.2.1. Diversity and equity training

1.2.2. Experience and training in working with differently-abled populations

1.2.3. Experience working with refuges, people of color, LGBTQ, Indigenous, and those in recovery.

1.3. Developmentally appropriate practices

1.3.1. RIE and sleep safe practices for infants

1.3.2. Reggio Emilia and Montessori practices for young learners

1.3.3. Unschooling and experimental learning for older learners

1.3.4. Hands on learning

2. Seeker of Knowledge

2.1. Self Led

2.1.1. Read and watch non-fiction and history

2.1.2. Engage in dialogue with others

2.1.3. Homeschooled until 7th grade

2.2. Formally educated

2.2.1. Associates from Clark College (Early Childhood Education)

2.2.2. Oregon Culinary Institute (Certificate in Baking and Pastry)

2.2.3. Clackamas Community College (Automotive technology and Transportation intern)

2.2.4. Portland State University ( working towards a BS In Community Development, Minor in Civic Leadership)

2.2.5. FSPCA PCQI Certificed

2.2.6. ServSafe Food Manager Certified

2.3. Informally educated

2.3.1. Community Skill shares on alternatives to policing

2.3.2. Community courses on street medic training

2.3.3. Sharing skills with friends and neighbors

2.4. Learn through experience

2.4.1. Hands on work training, partnering with diverse communities

2.4.2. Overseeing an Intern from Tivnu

2.4.3. Learning Volgistics and DonorPerfct through on the job training

2.4.4. Learning naturally leavened bread production through observation, training from milling the grain to baking off in a woodfired oven

2.5. Learn from others

2.5.1. Organized collaborative dialogue with radical female journalists from Cuba

2.5.2. Organized collaborative dialogue with young female activists from Belarus

2.5.3. Meeting with members of the Ethiopian community in Portland, engaging in dialogue about their experiences and needs

2.5.4. Attending conferences , performances, lectures, skill shares, readings.

3. Leader

3.1. Facilitator

3.1.1. Courses and workshops in effective facilitation

3.1.2. Over 15 years experience

3.2. Management Experience

3.2.1. Managing teams of 3-8

3.2.2. Co-manager experience

3.2.3. Managing 200+ volunteers

3.2.4. Vice-President of Tau Sigma at PSU, 2020-21

3.3. Professional Training

3.3.1. Level Up Leadership training through PSU

3.3.2. Leadership training through Clackamas Community College

3.3.3. PSU Leadership Fellows 2020-21

4. Listener

4.1. Formal training

4.1.1. Non-violent communication training

4.1.2. Active listening training

4.1.3. Interviewing and investigative reporting training

4.1.4. Community building through storytelling and listening

4.2. Practice

4.2.1. 15+ years of radio editing, interviewing

4.2.2. Facilitation experience

4.2.3. Conflict resolution experience

4.2.4. attending lectures, presentations

5. Citizen

5.1. Community Involvement

5.1.1. KBOO Radio volunteer for 16 years

5.1.2. Activist

5.1.3. Campaign help

5.1.4. Connecting with neighbors and local businesses

5.2. Personal enrichment

5.2.1. A Minor in Civic Leadership from Portland State University

5.2.2. Reading and researching participation

5.2.3. Attending meetings, committees, lectures

5.3. A part of the bigger picture

5.3.1. Engaging with diverse individuals

5.3.2. Helping others participate

6. Advocate

6.1. Provide support to marginalized groups

6.1.1. Offer radio and journalism training

6.1.2. Help connect communities with platforms, such as media, community exposure

6.1.3. Create meaningful relationships with people from different cultures, offer my skills and abilities to their cause

6.2. Speak up for the voiceless

6.2.1. Advocate for children's and infants rights and safety

6.2.2. Share my own experiences with invisible illness to shed light on disability justice

6.2.3. Share the journey and stories of those often "left behind" by society such as the elderly, houseless.

6.2.4. Student Representative for Community Development Undergrad Executive Committee 2020-21 at PSU

6.3. Lift up others

6.3.1. Provide genuine love, care, and support