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Simple by Mind Map: Simple

1. Future-in-the-past Continuous

1.1. To be + present participle + ing

1.1.1. Exemple: I will be staying

2. Simple Future-in-the-past

2.1. Would or was

2.1.1. To refer to the future Exemple: He had not believe her when she said they would Meet only

3. Present Continuous

3.1. Now, at the moment, just,already and still

3.1.1. Exemple: She’s taking the bus to work because her car has broken Consonant+vowel+consonant+ing Example: stop/stopping

4. Past Continuous

4.1. I was , you were

4.1.1. Exemple: They were cleaning the house together I wasn’t , you weren’t Exemple: You weren’t paying attention and now we are lost

5. Simple Future

5.1. Will+going to

5.1.1. Exemple: Greta come to Brazil He,she,it Will read a famous novel I’ll,he’ll,you’ll...

6. Future Continuous

6.1. Verb to be + gerund

6.1.1. Simple Future +verb to be + verb ing Exemple:You Will be reading in the library Will+not+to be + verb ing+ complement

7. Simple Present

7.1. Do and Doesn’t

7.1.1. “S”, “es” and “ies” Exemple: Do you like Harry Potter? Exemple: Drive/Drivers

8. Simple Past

8.1. I was/wasn’t/was I

8.1.1. S+ Will+ verb I Will/ won’t Exemple: I Will travel next year