Chapter Two: The Aesthetics of Domination

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Chapter Two: The Aesthetics of Domination by Mind Map: Chapter Two: The Aesthetics of Domination

1. Struggle to earn a living wage:

1.1. Empregada: Domestic worker

1.1.1. 14 Hour work days: cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, rooms, living rooms, etc. Also includes cooking Earning $6 a day The more workers a person has, the more prestige they have

2. Poverty in Brazil and Rio De Janeiro

2.1. Rio's economy has declined over the past years

2.1.1. Dramatic change: Women in workforce

3. Slavery to Servitude:

3.1. This section explains how the population that were former slaves, are now in the servitude business.

4. Colonial Rio De Janeiro

4.1. History is connected to lives of slaves, ex slaves and domestic workers.

4.1.1. Domestic worker is associated with dirty work Often the nanny, cariocas(light skinned) can recall their favorite nanny

5. Ambiguous Affections

5.1. Relationship between Gloria, Soneca and Dona Beth

5.1.1. Domestic workers tend to "talk different" compared to middle and upper class citizens

6. Euphemization of Power Relations

6.1. Physical characteristics between 'povo' and other citizens. Povo tend to be skinny

6.1.1. Domestic Workers are responsible for caring for the home, providing love and care to the children they care for and to keep the secrets of the family they are working for

7. Cultural Capital and Reproduction of Class

7.1. Cida's case: If Cida can improve her handwriting, she may have the opportunity to move up in class

7.1.1. Honeymoon gift: When Renata gave Lia a honeymoon gift (stay in a hotel on the beach) Renata had to drive her and Lia's husband and teach them how to check in a hotel. Lia was never taught how to check in hotel... Renata said, "It was very Paternalistic."

8. Limitations of Academic Capital:

8.1. Education Capital is connected to Cultural Capital

8.1.1. Children of Wealthier classes are prohibited to enter kitchen

9. Laughter as a Community

9.1. Brazilian telenovela

9.1.1. Watching novelas is a group activity Random Laughter