Hal - Challenges

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Hal - Challenges by Mind Map: Hal - Challenges

1. Get rid of Entrust – b/c hard to automate. Provinces and organizations outside of govt don’t like having to get an Entrust PKI key

2. Not efficient - Not much space so have to work off external drives which requires the use of more hops

3. Permission issues for transfer of files – don’t have access to some shared drives

4. Server space is a limitation

4.1. Lots of large audio and video file sizes

5. Download file, work on it, and then transfer back – so lots of work and time (sometimes need to transfer files overnight)

6. If update is happening the transfer needs to be restarted

7. MSFT is down from time to time (cost is involved – based on frequency and amount of data transferred)

8. Network transfer speeds are not the same across the country

9. Classified info is being mixed with non-classified – want ability to correctly transfer docs based on security classification and designation