Yamhill County Safe Families Volunteers

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Yamhill County Safe Families Volunteers by Mind Map: Yamhill County Safe Families Volunteers

1. Northside Community Church: Ministry Lead Margaret

1.1. Getsinger Circle of Support

1.1.1. Forrest Circle of Support Maxfield Circle of Support Kinnaman Circle of Support

1.2. Vega

1.2.1. Cowan Marlin Hernandez Cruz

1.3. Volunteers needing a COS

1.4. Floating Volunteers

2. Wayside Friends Church: Ministry Leads Cara & Michelle

2.1. White

2.1.1. Martin

2.2. Volunteers Needing a COS

2.3. Volunteers in Vetting

2.4. Tiny Home

3. Chahalem Valley Presbyterian: Ministry Lead Needed- Margaret filling in

3.1. Calvert Circle of Support

3.1.1. Guidice Circle of Support

4. First Baptist Church: Ministry Lead Vicki

4.1. Duerfeldt Circle of Support

4.1.1. Redfield Circle of Support Robinson Circle of Support

4.2. Blankenship

4.2.1. Chrisman

4.3. Volunteers needing COS

5. Creekside Community Church: Ministry Lead Jake

5.1. Hokanson

5.1.1. Ausmus

5.2. Johnson Circle of Support

5.3. Volunteers Needing COS

5.4. Volunteers in Vetting

6. Northwest Christian Church: NEED Ministry Lead

6.1. Volunteers needing COS

6.2. Volunteers in vetting

7. Family Life Church: Need Ministry Lead

7.1. Volunteers needing COS

8. 7th Day Adventist: Ministry Lead Needed- Vicki filling in

8.1. Holder

9. First Presbyterian Mac: Ministry Lead Vicki (supported by Pastor Matt)

9.1. Niederer Circle of Support

9.2. Ortega

10. Church on the Hill: Ministry Lead Needed

10.1. Volunteers needing COS

11. St. James: Need Ministry Lead

11.1. Volunteers needing COS

12. Jones Circle of Support: Need Ministry Lead

13. Saints Hill: Upcoming Ministry Lead Abby

13.1. Volunteers Needing COS