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U by Mind Map: U

1. make your courses

1.1. more interesting

2. Passion

2.1. the students in the study had found a major.

2.1.1. that was interesting and important to them.

3. Talk to professors

3.1. ask relevant question

3.1.1. about your courses

4. Social support

4.1. Succeful students are involved

4.1.1. with other people

4.2. They put energy

4.2.1. into their important relationship

4.3. Succeful students utilize

4.3.1. formal study groups

5. Organization

5.1. Different people need

5.1.1. different approaches

5.2. Students end up doing

5.2.1. things at last minute

5.3. the students they don't leave it until

5.3.1. the last minute to get started

6. Strategic and resourceful

6.1. Habit of thinking about

6.1.1. upcoming demands

6.2. taking advantage of

6.2.1. available resources to prepare for students

7. Balance

7.1. keep your energy up

7.1.1. by maintaining all the important parts of your life

8. Committed

8.1. Succeful students make commitment to yourself