Flue brird

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Flue brird by Mind Map: Flue brird

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2. Flue bird is a viral infection it is also called H5N1

3. The transmission of this flu is from direct contact

4. the principal vector of this flue is te birds this gives it his name

5. The host are humans and bird but each one is infected with different types people is infected principal by type A and bird by type D

5.1. Humans are definitive hosts

6. the principal bird that transmit this is the duck this is a intermediate host

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7. the environment can be lakes or rivers where ducks are, principal near water

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8. Symptoms: the synthoms present in the respiratory system and causes respiratory problems

9. there is a vaccine to prevent this virus

10. • How can humans avoid the spreading of an infectious disease? Why?

10.1. We can vaccinate ourselves

10.2. Don´t have much contact with birds

10.3. Wash our hands when we get home

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