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Present Perfect by Mind Map: Present Perfect

1. Structure

1.1. Aff: Subject + has/have + past participle

1.2. Neg: Subject + hasn't/haven't + Past participle

1.3. Int: Has/Have + Subject + Past participle + ?

2. Form

2.1. Affirmative Sentence

2.2. Negative Sentence

2.3. Interrogative Sentence

3. Affirmative Sentence

3.1. Michael has talked to Peter.

3.2. They have done the lunch.

3.3. Mario and Miguel have been in United State.

3.4. She has married with Josue.

4. Negative Sentence

4.1. He has not gone to the university

4.2. Josh and Drake have not been in TV show.

4.3. I have not eaten my breakfast yet.

4.4. We have not done the activity.

5. Interrogative Sentence

5.1. Have you eaten pupusas with mayonesse?

5.1.1. Yes, I have/ No, I haven't

5.2. Has she been in Guatemala?

5.2.1. Yes,she has/ No, she hasn't

5.3. Have you worked in Mc Donald?

5.3.1. No, I haven't

6. Use

6.1. You can use the Present Perfect to describe your experience about something.