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Classroom management by Mind Map: Classroom management

1. What it is

1.1. To create conditions in which learning can take place

2. Why is it so important

2.1. It is important to have control and organization in a class, in order to teach something meaningful and have a good rapport

3. Main elements

3.1. -Activities

3.2. -Grouping and seating

3.3. -Authority

3.4. -Tools and techniques

3.5. -Working with people

3.6. -Decisions and actions

4. Tips

4.1. Create a good rapport, a respectfiul enviroment

4.2. Listen to students and keep eyes on them

4.3. Know how to solve problems

4.4. Establish limits and consequences for bad beahaviour

4.5. Be patient

5. How to manage a class

5.1. It is a combination of all the elements above.